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In today’s competitive world, automation of process has become a business mandate. Delays or failure in processing a business requirement could adversely affect the business operations. Our expertise with SAP can help you design, implement and support an integrated suite of applications that drive efficiency across your organization.


As popularly said – ‘Time is of integral business essence’, time it is the single-most important element in today’s fast paced economy. SAP HANA enables business to process massive amounts data in a short frame of time. Our HANA expertise enables us to co-innovate with you to model, implement and recommend the right HANA hardware and software versions for you to scale and grow your business.


One of the major growth drivers for businesses is human capital. You will need an efficient, agile and cost effective Human Capital Management (HCM) platform to improve operations and reduce overall overheads. Our SAP SuccessFactor experts analyse your business model to conceptualize sophisticated solutions for automating HR procedures and processes.

Business Analytics

Businesses thrive on staying ahead of competition. It is mandatory to remove the guess-work and uncover hidden patterns from your data to stay on the top of your game. Synozon Business Analytics solution helps save costs, retain competitive advantage and increase net new opportunities.


Syno Frameworks are carefully crafted to accelerate your journey with implantations of any SAP module. These frameworks are premeditated with the required customizations to get your recommended implementation in place within a short period of time.


The most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM in the market that comes with custom capabilities to help your company drive better sales, marketing and service effectiveness. Syno CRM is delicately designed to automate your business processes and integrate with your ERP for seamless data transfer.

Our Services


Successful business outcomes require enterprises to create an innovative and scalable business model. Our SAP consulting includes Practice Recommendations, Design Thinking Workshops and Co-innovation Conferences that enables enterprises to take informed decisions.

Professional Services

Today’s business mandates a digital transformation of its operations to increase effectiveness and reduce overheads. Our SAP professional services includes Implementation, Framework Design, Development and Configuration services, that entail enterprises to build robust IT ecosystem with an intuitive UI that would centralize data and drive efficiency.

Managed Services

Two of the major concerns of a CIO are rising costs due to technological advancements and restricted scalability due to aging legacy systems. Our SAP managed services increases product uptime, improves overall accuracy, reduces maintenance costs and mitigates risks, and thereby allows CIOs to focus on the critical IT drivers rather than on trivial matters.

Industry Focus

We address more than a dozen industry verticals and focus on business process engineering and automation with SAP technology to enhance your enterprise competitiveness.

Mill Products

Gone are those times when Mill Products used to be a cost heavy business. Our SAP expertise in Mill Products will enable you to scale your business while reducing your energy costs and optimizing your assets utility.


The automotive industry is a very competitive industry characterized by reduced margins, competition from new entrants and increased labour costs. In order to remain a strong player in the automobile industry it is crucial to streamline your business. Our automotive industry expertise help you with full transaction traceability, electronic data management, optimization of inventory and cater to your supply chain productivity.

Industrial Machinery and Components

The need of the hour is to automate the business processes to increase productivity and efficiency. This especially applies to the companies that are part of the Industrial Machinery and Components industries. Our SAP experts help you achieve a faster response to markets, improve customer satisfaction and help you optimize your business processes.

Synozon Technology is a premier technology Consulting, Design and Implementation services provider. We leverage our solutioning and industry expertise to cater to business verticals and horizontals. Our motive is to focus on providing high quality of service at an affordable cost while pursuing excellence and proficiency in all business functions.

Our on-site and offsite model provides 24*7 relentless support while ensuring that your business does not face the challenges of the rapid paced environment. We have flexible engagement models and do not seek to lock you into expensive contracts.


Co-innovate with business to enable them to scale and grow business effectively


Create global enterprises by enabling SMBs automate their processes and build the right systems.


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